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Help, my Business is Stuck…

Published: 27-02-2018

Can you relate to the frustration when you see people around you that are less smart then you are, but nevertheless more successful? Welcome to the club. Actually it is quite normal and that’s the good news. You are not alone.

It may happen for different reasons such as you think you have a winner product or service but nobody is buying from you which stirs up old patterns of self-doubt, you have many great ideas but you get lost in the implementation hassle, you are uncertain about the steps you must take to elevate your business or you are so busy with the day-to-day operations that you lack time to get new customers which is causing you cash-flow challenges.

Whatever it is, working harder and making more hours doesn’t help you at all, besides the risk that you are getting even more exhausted. 

What I have experienced through the many years of being an entrepreneur myself that it is very imported to act fast! Don’t wait too long to look for external help because it can be very stressful and there is a danger that you may end up in a negative spiral or worse, that you become depressed.

In helping many entrepreneurs getting breakthroughs over the years it showed that there can be various reasons for getting stuck and in many cases there were little adjustments needed in order to get things going again. And guess what, in 9 out of 10 situations it had nothing to do with adapting a new marketing strategy, tweaking your product or learning a new method or tool.

In just one session we will uncover what’s holding you back on a (sub)conscious  level, so from that point on you can start manifesting what you need in order to get your business going!

If you are interested please send an email at michael@orgwealth.com and I will get in touch with you.

To your Success!


Michael Knulst

The Business Innovator

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